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Online Textbooks
Biochemistry (Wikibooks)
Principles of Biochemistry (Wikibooks)
Biochemistry Online (SJU)

Paper Textbooks
Biochemistry (Schaum's Easy Outlines)—144 pages
Biochemistry (Scion Publishing)—522 pages
Fundamentals of Biochemistry (Wiley)—1200 pages

Online Animations
Biochemistry Animations (WPU)
Biochemistry Animations (Maxanim)
The World of Biochemistry (Wordpress)
Interactive Concepts in Biochemistry (Wiley)

The above literature is only suggested for students who may need extra tuition beyond what is essentially a comprehensive and stand-alone course in biochemistry without the need for any external material. The only pre-requisites to acing BMB401 are:
1) a strong background in chemical and physical sciences
2) ability to comprehend knowledge in a logical manner as opposed to memorization an/or rote learning

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