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Associate Professor

Professor Farooq is a biochemist by training—earning both his BSc (1994) and PhD (1998) in Biochemistry from the University of Manchester and the Imperial College London, respectively.

Over the past two decades or so, his scientific passion has ceneterd around the application of a diverse array of biophysical tools to unraveling the basic mechanisms driving protein-ligand interactions in the context of cellular processes pertinent to human health and disease.

Professor Farooq is an extremely devoted individual and a man of utmost service. He carries with him tons of energy and an infectious zest for perfecting every task he sets out to do. In terms of teaching and mentoring, he goes out of his way to ensure the success of every student.

The BMB401 class can look forward to an exciting semester ahead. With Professor Farooq at the helm, the students will learn biochemistry in a highly logical manner—as exquisitely evident by the organization of the course into four equally-weighted modules (or parts). Importantly, each lecture is comprised of animated Powerpoint slides in a highly comprehensive manner without the need for an external aid. To ensure that students are actively engaged in learning, each lecture culminates with a challenging quiz so as to not only gauge students' knowledge but also to provide them with a feedback on their understanding of the material. To further help students with learning, each lecture is recorded and the video is made available online right after the lecture.

In addition to making himself available after each class as well as in his office with an open-door policy, students are also encouraged to call Professor Farooq anytime to discuss the lecture material or any other issues that they need prompt help with using the special student line @ 786-763-1294. When you do approach Professor Farooq, the first thing he would want to know is your name. Being a master communicator, he understands that it is not only important to be courteous when talking to students (as well as others) but also to put them at ease. He will bring himself to your level and engage you quickly so much so that many students would feel why on earth they did not approach him earlier! To say that Professor Farooq not only does a lot but also does so with a touch of perfection would be something of an understatement. He often jokes that he is rated at 1hp and that he alone can do the work of 10 people!

In sum, Professor Farooq is highly organized, logically driven, and his work ethic is something to be reckoned with. He lays out clear-cut rules that students must heed—not only in order to ace BMB401 but also to level the playing field for all. Failure to abide by these guidelines is fraught with failure in the course.

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